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w e   a r e   b i r d s e y e   v i e w


A full-service boutique event coordinating company based in Southern California and Northern Europe. A few of our favorite things: laughter, high-fives, and wows.

We’re a team of 2 sisters and a brother from another mother who all started from the bottom, and now we’re here! Our introduction into the event world was through the humble beginnings of service. Yep, literally, serving food to the rich and famous. We believe our experience from working high profiled weddings and events gives us a unique advantage in seeing weddings and events through from the ground up or what we like to call … a BIRDSEYE VIEW.  

p l a n n i n g   e v e r y   m o m e n t

While BIRDSEYE VIEW was founded in 2019, the three of us have worked in the events industry in every capacity imaginable and in cities worldwide. Our 15+ years of experience have allowed us to understand every aspect of an event and appreciate all of the teamwork that goes into designing, planning, and executing your big day. Obviously, we love all things pretty, but our organizational skills and an overall knack for helping you see the big picture truly sets us apart. We have a serious love affair for special moments that runs deep. Sure, some of life’s best moments are unplanned, but we believe in making the ones you do plan for impossible to forget because life’s not perfect, but moments can be.


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